Our personalized executive coaching offers valuable development tools for high-potential leaders so they can achieve results and recognition.

Leadership coaching:

• Individualized coaching programs are available in 4-, 6-, and 12-month increments
• Designed to help you gain insights, adjust behavior and improve performance;
• Focused on aligning actions with intentions to enhance your ability to lead teams and drive business.

Teamwork and Employee Satisfaction Coaching:

• Insights into inspiring teamwork on a project or within the organization;
• Help with setting clear goals and short-term wins to keep the team motivated;
• Hones in on communication skills, roles and responsibilities, addressing conflict, and asking the team for input on continuous improvement activities.

Executive on-boarding program:

• Personalized coaching refines the on-boarding process for new executives;
• Increases understanding of key stakeholders, their level of influence, and how decisions are made;
• Concentrates on the responsibilities and goals of the position and organization, and individual development needs;
• Determines the expectations of your role with input from key stakeholders;
• Features a six-month check-in with 360-degree feedback.

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