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The Breuer Group

The Breuer Group is focused on executive coaching for high-achieving individuals wanting to make a clear, persuasive impact and drive for higher performance by leveraging their talents.

Executive & Leadership Coaching

The Breuer Group specializes in transformational executive and leadership coaching based on your goals and values. We’re based in metro Washington, D.C., and offer personalized programs locally and by video conference worldwide. 

Our approach is both guided and deliberate. Together, we explore your natural talents and acquired findbride review skills. We develop strategies to leverage your experience. And we forge a new path that will lead you to achieving your goals and boosting your career trajectory.
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About Us

Founded by Katy Breuer, The Breuer Group serves executives who want to hone their leadership skills to make a more meaningful impact on the teams they manage and on the direction of their careers. Using a personalized approach, each coaching program focuses on building self-awareness, developing new competencies, and identifying ways to reinforce positive behaviors findbride review that lead to achieving goals.

Katy formed this group after her own transformational coaching experience, and the insights she gained from earning the Georgetown University Executive Certificate in Leadership Coaching. She was moved by its power to help clients recognize and triumph over habits that can limit promotions, growth, and personal satisfaction.

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Our Vision

Lead with a client-first mindset – you determine your goals and agenda.

Our Mission

To provide the inspiration you need to realize your full potential and identify any thoughts and behaviors that may deter you from achieving your goals.